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 ScriptLogic Privilege Authority

Privilege Authority


Elevate Privileges  for essential Apps. Grant users access while keeping your network secure.

Unlock the Low-Cost Solution to Elevating User Rights.

Now you can grant user accounts the least privileges necessary according to best practices, yet elevate specific applications and ActiveX controls as needed. Determine user rights for just those applications, features, and controls you choose.


Features and Benefits

Digital certificate verification and support.


Deploy custom or pre-defined elevation rules by leveraging Group Policy Objects. Digital certificate support provides additional security, both for verifying files, and for verifying publishers’ certificates . You can automatically elevate all of the applications from a specific publisher so that anything signed with that certificate will be elevated (e.g. all Microsoft or Adobe programs).


Target rules specific to a group, platform, or organization

Our patented Validation Logic technology can target access rights to a specific operating system, computer group, office, or application.


Elevate applications, Windows features and Active X controls

Grant users permission to install software, make desktop changes, and install Active X controls that you deem secure.


Community Rules Exchange and Technical Support

Maximize your investment by sharing rules through the Rules Exchange and tips among the Admin community at our Privilege Authority forum. Also get a full year of support by phone, email, and web.




 ScriptLogic - Desktop Management

Software solutions from ScriptLogic Corporation are used every day on Windows servers and desktops around the world. With more than 20,000 customers using ScriptLogic solutions to manage approximately 5.1 million desktops and 122,000 servers, ScriptLogic benefits any size network in any industry. ScriptLogic customers, including 71% of the Fortune 500, experience immediate productivity boosts in their IT departments while reducing costs. ScriptLogic’s customer base includes small businesses, healthcare organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and proactive resellers and integrators.

A recognized leader by industry experts, ScriptLogic Corporation has won 13 awards in the past 12 months. Among these are inclusion on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies for the third consecutive year, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 ranking (ScriptLogic was the highest ranking company in the South East United States), the 2006 Best Low-Cost Desktop Management Suite according to the editors at Network Computing, as well as six 2006 Readers’ Choice Awards from the readers of Windows IT Pro (Best Change and Configuration Management, Best Compliance Reporting Solution, Best OS Migration Tool, Best Registry Management Tool, Best Remote Management Tool, and Best Scripting Editor).

 ScriptLogic - PacketTrapIT (Perspective)

PacketTrapIT (Perspective), a network monitoring and management product. IT administrators deploy PacketTrapIT to centrally monitor network bandwidth; numerous characteristics about network servers, desktops and other devices, such as routers, switches and firewalls; and the performance of network-dependent services.


PacketTrapIT is a natural extension of ScriptLogic's product line, which includes desktop and server management solutions that save IT administrators time and assist with strategic IT initiatives, including security and compliance. Thousands of companies have adopted ScriptLogic solutions due to their ease of use, and PacketTrapIT extends the company's "Point, Click, Done(TM)" approach to network management.

"PacketTrapIT brings a simple approach to network management that, unlike the competition, is provided on a modern software architecture and can even monitor and manage non-standard network devices," said Nick Cavalancia, vice president of Windows Management, ScriptLogic. "IT administrators will now know when there are potential problems, and they can use innate functionality to remediate any issues. In much the same way as our desktop and server products, PacketTrapIT offers several unique competitive functions that will remove significant burdens so IT admins can focus on strategic projects."


PacketTrapIT is a full-featured end-to-end network management system that proactively alerts IT administrators to concerns and includes remediation features to help solve them. Among the product's features and benefits are:

Application monitoring: Provides in-depth visibility of running processes and Windows performance counters for mission-critical applications, network services and web applications. The solution identifies root causes of application performance issues across Windows, UNIX and Linux devices. It monitors the availability of ports, as well as the performance of applications that rely on various protocols and standards. IT administrators are notified of application concerns and can take necessary steps to avoid failures.

Log file management: Aggregates event log information from Windows hosts, Syslog data from UNIX hosts and devices, and application logs from various servers. Administrators rely on the product to troubleshoot problems, set alerts based on specific log information, and report back on trends within the data.

Network traffic analysis: Provides complete visibility into device-specific network traffic patterns, allowing IT administrators to identify the source of traffic spikes. Once learning of a traffic increase, an IT administrator can determine which user and application is causing the problem and can use remediation functions within the product to rectify the issue.


"Given that our electronic resource proxy site receives more than three million unique visits each year, network monitoring of the resources that support the site stands out as a top priority," said Chris Young, director of information technology, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library. "Using Perspective, our IT team has a comprehensive picture of network health and we can set alerts to flag potential problems before larger issues arise. In fact, within days of installing the product, we were able to identify our biggest use of bandwidth and address low memory and disk space issues on five servers."


PacketTrapIT supports data that is governed by network standards, including Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow and sFlow(R). Further, unlike the competition, it provides its own flow technology, ptFlow(TM), to gather information from devices--routers, switches, servers and desktops--that do not support the other standards.

Support for network-based services and remote offices: Reports VoIP quality. Unlike competitors, the solution easily integrates information from remote offices. A remote agent collects key performance information at a location and sends it to the central office, whereas other solutions require a separate installation of the monitoring solution at the remote office as well as a VPN tunnel to gather the data.


Monitoring of virtual and cloud networks: Supports VMware(R) ESX(TM), and it groups VMware ESX host servers, and related information regarding their state, status, CPU and disk usage, and guest memory utilization together in a single view. It isolates traffic created by virtual servers and can alert based on specific benchmarks unique to the virtual machines. Perspective also monitors and reports on cloud computing environments, whether internal (private) or hosted by a third-party provider.


Comprehensive reporting, alerting, and setting of performance baselines: Offers a number of unique reporting and alerting functions. Perspective's performance baseline functionality is unique among its peers. IT administrators make the solution smarter by setting expected network performance parameters given a device or service's location, time of day, etc. Such functionality dramatically reduces false positives, as expected spikes in network utilization or other metrics related to regular usage are not incorrectly identified as concerns.

The solution automatically notifies IT administrators of network performance degradations, and alerting can automatically escalate, according to configurable parameters. Further, Go Live Monitoring collects data during troubleshooting, dramatically reducing time to repair. The product also recommends data gathering intervals based on devices discovered on a network, reducing set-up time.Download

 ScriptLogic Desktop Authority

Desktop Authority is the next step in ScriptLogic´s unwavering commitment to providing customers with robust, sophisticated solutions that ease the burden of client-side desktop administration. Desktop Authority expands upon the proactive administration features found in the award-winning ScriptLogic Enterprise Edition by adding browser-based interactive desktop management and real-time remote control of Microsoft Windows desktops.

 ScriptLogic Asset Manager


Finally find ALL the software on your network


ScriptLogic Asset Manager identifies software through Add / Remove Programs, WMI scanning and scanning for executables on the hard drive. By using overlapping systems, Asset Manager can find everything on your network, even the stuff that’s not supposed to be there.


Software DNA

The Software Pattern Identification Database can automatically identify over 90,000 software packages, including software bundles. It can even tell the difference between standard, professional and enterprise editions of common software packages. Thousands of new packages are added every month.


Submit software for identification

If your software isn’t in the SPID database already, you can upload the DNA pattern to us, and we’ll identify it and add it to the next update. This can even be set to happen automatically, keeping you on top of new software coming into your network.


Usage Metering

You bought it so they’d use it, right?

There’s nothing more expensive than buying software when you already have an unused copy on your network. Asset Manager’s passive metering can track when software is used, and how often it’s used. Pre-configured reports can easily show you what users have software that’s not being used so you can put that license to work where it’s needed.

Stop ‘one size fits all’ software

If you’re buying everyone the “enterprise edition” because you don’t know what they actually need, stop! Use metering rules to see what parts of a suite are actually getting used, so you can adjust your licensing accordingly.


Audit Protection

Enforce concurrent licenses

If you have software that has concurrent licensing, you can use active metering to ensure you meet that license agreement. Have licenses for 100 copies? Active metering will let 100 run, but will stop the 101st copy in its tracks.


Comprehensive License Tracking

Asset Manager can categorize software by any license type, including per user, per machine, concurrent, shareware or even freeware. You can assign licenses by geographic region, department or any other system you need so purchased licenses are assigned to the right area


Complete compliance reporting

Asset Manager has over 120 pre-defined reports including installed software, license compliance, usage reporting and more. If there are questions about the software in your network, Asset Manager has a report with the answer.


Support for virtualized environments

Asset Manager can track licenses in terminal server environments as well as physical desktops. Optional connectors are available for VMWare ESX server to track software on your virtualized servers, and Citrix XenApp to properly support published applications.