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According to the most recent State of Spyware report, more than 80% of all enterprise desktops are infected with spyware, with an average of 4.4 instances of malicious spyware in every infected machine. This presents a clear and present security risk to enterprise business assets. Organized networks of criminals distribute spyware applications via a variety of sources including websites, email, instant messaging and bundled with freeware / shareware applications to access enterprise data for financial gain.


Traditional defenses like firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection and prevention systems are ineffective in blocking spyware because spyware programs can be disguised as legitimate traffic entering through well established ports and are able to pass through the firewalls and other desktop and perimeter defenses undetected. Remote and mobile workers are also vulnerable to spyware infection while off the company network and outside the corporate firewall.


Enterprises today need to effectively block and remove new and rapidly evolving Internet security threats while minimizing system impact. Spyware and other malicious software is becoming more aggressive and insidious every day, with spyware developers often using variations of old tricks to bypass new solutions. Given the signifi cant fi nancial incentives to stealing sensitive data or serving nuisance advertising, spyware has become adept at covertly infesting a system and entrenching itself deep within an infected computer.

 What is Spyware?

Spyware describes programs that monitor online activity and often secretly transmit information to a third party without end user's knowledge. The most nefarious forms of spyware continue to appear on enterprise networks at an alarming rate - and just a single undiscovered intruder can cause extensive damage to your business:

Threatened security of intellectual property
Legal exposure due to compromised consumer or employee data
Risk of violating compliance regulations
Increased user downtime and costly drain on IT resources
Paralyzed productivity at mission-critical workstations
Diminished workstation performance and network stability

 Spy Sweeper Enterprise

Adding a dedicated desktop anti-spyware solution to your security infrastructure is critical for maintaining optimal system performance and protecting intellectual property. Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise is an award-winning, centrally managed, scalable enterprise solution that provides best of breed protection against all types of malicious spyware, adware, and other harmful intruders.

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 Spy Sweeper Enterprise provides
Most effective spyware detection, removal and blocking technology
Centralized management from anywhere using the web-enabled admin console
Unsurpassed performance and scalability for enterprise-wide spyware protection
Automated or manual deployment of threat defi nitions and software updates
Sweep setting enforcement and easy access to defi nition downloads for remote and mobile users
Configurable sweep schedules with ability to scan select workstations on demand
Ability to create and enforce fl exible protection policies by group or workstation
Customizable reports, summaries and alerting capabilities on detected threats
Dashboard view to quickly identify top threats, critical workstations, and more