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 Security Explorer

Security Explorer is a powerful and intuitive solution to search for and modify Windows NT/2000/XP security on NTFS drives, the Registry, and Shares. Its' security-centric interface provides quick access to security information and gives administrators an effective way to establish security assignments in an efficient and uniform manner across the enterprise. By managing NTFS, Registry and Share security centrally, administrative costs are significantly reduced.

 ScriptLogic - Enterprise Security Reporter

Enterprise Security Reporter (ESR) is a comprehensive reporting solution for Windows NT/2000/2003 networks that combs through the vast amount of data found within NTFS permissions, Active Directory user and group accounts, server registries and shares and stores the information collected in a reporting database, allowing administrators to analyze, query and report on the security and configuration of their network.

 Sanctuary Device Control

The problem of data leakage due to the accidental or sometimes malicious use of removable devices and/or removable media has reached alarming levels. In fact, over 85% of privacy and security professionals reported at least one breach and almost 64% reported multiple breaches that required notification during 2007.