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 PerfectDisk® 11 Virtual Enterprise Edition

Key Features


Improve performance and reclaim free space throughout your WMware enviroment PerfectDisk 11 for VMware with the industry's leading defragmentation tools for both the host and virtual drives on VMware Workstation/ VMware Server for Windows systems Plus, PerfectDisk 11 for VMware is compliant with VMware performance recommendations. Running VMware ESX? PerfectDisk 11 Virtual Enterprise Edition combines virtual awareness and dynamic load balancing resulting in no resource contention between guest machines and physical ESX host.


Patented SMARTPlacement™ – For Virtual Drives


PerfectDisk 11 for VMware's patented SMARTPlacement feature defragments all of the virtual drives on your VMware Workstation/VMware Server for Windows systems. Working in accordance with VMware recommendations for improving performance and reclaiming free space, it yields faster subsequent defrag passes, quicker computer boots, slower rates of fragmentation, and reduced resource consumption of your virtual drives.


VMware Space Optimization


Reclaim unused VMware space by automatically shrinking the virtual machine's disks. PerfectDisk 11 for VMware reclaims unused space with the VMware Shrink utility in accordance with VMware's performance recommendations.


Defragmentation and Optimization of Host Drives


PerfectDisk 11 for VMware lets you defragment your host drives with PerfectDisk's patented SMARTPlacement defragmentation and Space Restoration Technology free space consolidation.


Complete Free Space Consolidation


Get the largest piece of consolidated, contiguous free space possible. PerfectDisk 11 for VMware's exclusive Space Restoration Technology ensures that new files are created contiguously. This combined with industry-leading SMARTPlacement defrag features means optimal performance of host and virtual drives.


AutoPilot Scheduling


Defragment your host and virtual drives according to your unique operations and VMware recommendations for regular host drive defragmentation. Daily, weekly, or during screen saver idle times, AutoPilot Scheduling lets you defragment your host and virtual drives according to your unique needs.


Defrag During System Idle Times with Automatic StealthPatrol™


Work uninterrupted. Helping your office work at optimum efficiency, PerfectDisk 11 for VMware's StealthPatrol feature lets you defrags only during system idle times, with no impact on system performance.


Single-pass Defrag


Unlike typical defraggers, PerfectDisk 11 for VMware completely defrags your host and virtual drives (all files and metadata), and consolidates free space in just one pass – no matter how large or fragmented the systems. With revolutionary minimal-free-space requirement, you can defrag an entire drive with as little as 1% free space.


Selected Files Defrag


PerfectDisk 11 for VMware's innovative Selected Files Defrag feature gives you complete control over the files you defrag – from a single file, to selected files, to the entire drive.