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Good News for Your Mailserver


Potency pills and dubious business offers from Nigerian princes? Out of 100 E-mails that arrive at your company, 85% are unsolicited information known as spam. Conventional anti-spam solutions do not provide a fully conclusive solution because, as simple sorting machines, they simply send the spam to quarantine folders, forwarding only serious communications to the inbox of the recipient. However, it is always the task of the employee to check whether the filter is functioning correctly.
NoSpamProxy works more efficiently: the software is installed as a proxy server of your mail server. NoSpamProxy already decides during the receipt of a message whether or not it is required. If it is, then the message is let through. If not, then reception is denied and the connection is broken off by a convincing error message.


NoSpamProxy and the hassle of spam is over


NoSpamProxy is a spam protection system that does more than just sort your E-mail. NoSpamProxy already scans E-mail during SMTP receipt and classifies the E-mail in accordance with various filters. If an E-mail is classified as spam it is not accepted by the system. If the E-mail is classified as trustworthy it will be let through.

NoSpamProxy is an intelligent system that learns from incoming and outgoing E-mails. Outgoing E-mails are scanned by NoSpamProxy and memorised as being trustworthy. The software assigns trust points (bonus points) in the case of outgoing mail to the recipient of the mail. This database is then queried in the case of incoming E-mails and if there is an existing business relationship (trust points), the E-mail is let through, even where other filters would classify it as being non-trustworthy (e.g. the sender is blacklisted, nature of content etc.). Should, however, a trustworthy E-mail not be accepted because it has no trust points and the other filters do not categorise the E-mail as trustworthy, the sender of the E-mail is informed of the delayed delivery by his mail server!


What benefit do you have by using NoSpamProxy?


- Mails from existing customers are always delivered
- Trustworthy senders are informed of non-delivery
- The system learns your communications relationships
- Spam is not accepted


NoSpamProxy in detail


As the name NoSpamProxy already suggests, it is a pure SMTP proxy. Unlike conventional "store and forward" systems, the proxy only holds the part of the mail that is being transmitted at any specific point in time. There are no queues. This is important to know, in order to understand the principle and functionality of NoSpamProxy in full. NoSpamProxy starts by simply receiving the envelope data. In detail, this means that from HELO/EHLO through to the DATA command, everything is received and checked. At this point, several filters can already be deployed in order e.g. to check the sender IP, the mail address of the sender and of course the recipient's address for their validity, or the level of trust in them and possibly reject where appropriate. After NoSpamProxy has concluded its check, the envelope is transmitted to the nearest smarthost (inbound smarthost). At this point, the transmitting system has still not received any information about whether NoSpamProxy has accepted the envelope or not. It is only when NoSpamProxy has successfully transmitted the envelope to the inbound smarthost that it prompts the transmitting system to send the header and body data. Until this point in time, the transmitting system must wait for a response from NoSpamProxy. In normal cases, this process lasts for a fraction of a second.